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Beginning in 2011, my home state of Wisconsin has been on the front lines of the reactionary conservative movement’s conquest of both the Republican Party and 33 out of out of 50 states. In many of those states, both the executive branch and both houses of the legislature are in Republican hands. Voting districts have been redrawn to favor one political party, and minority votes have been suppressed in the name of ferreting out non-existent voter fraud. The result is extreme tax-cutting combined with often disastrous public health and environmental policies. While Republican politicians pass boilerplate legislation concocted by ALEC and introduced as bills written by them, conservatives distract the public with extremist and often blatantly anti-woman, anti-LBGT, and anti-immigrant rhetoric. None of this could have come about without a concerted effort on the part of right-wing media, think tanks, and dominion Christians. What it all adds up to is: big money.

Many people are angry that the United States now has a Republican president who is inexperienced, incompetent, ridiculous, and dangerous but who apparently believes that his voters will stick behind him no matter what, and who appears to practice a consumerist brand of Fascism. It seems that the right has been victorious over truth, justice, and even common sense, but especially over the American Way.

And then came January 21, 2017, and the largest peaceful demonstration in the history of our country — the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., which was mirrored by demonstrations in every major city in the United States and around the globe. Since then, it’s been like the cavalry showed up. Democrats, liberals, and progressives are still in a battle, but it no longer feels like a beat-down. And this old soldier is grateful. This blog is dedicated to the battle and to all those who have decided, on so many different fronts, to fight.

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