Fake Triumph: The McAdams Case Heads to the WI Supreme Court (Part 1)

March 15, 2018.  Professor John McAdams may be suspended from Marquette University without pay, his tenure revoked, but he’s still writing his Marquette Warrior blog, vigorously defending himself and grabbing headlines.  With the deep-pocketed conservative legal organization WILL fighting his battles to the end, McAdams will keep the university’s alleged infringement of his first amendment... Continue Reading →

Political Harassment: Who’s empowering the trolls?

“[Watch] the media’s hysterical coverage as they lie to you,” Hannity shouted, without explaining what exactly they were lying about. Then he complained about “the media’s” attention span. They stayed on North Korea “until Steve Bannon’s comments [on the Trump family’s treasonous Russia connections], and then the narrative shifts away.” That, said Hannity, “just shows you how pathetic these people [the media] are.”

Deregulation and Wisconsin’s Disappearing Lakes

It was a long-standing Wisconsin tradition. Every Friday afternoon during the summer, families packed up their cars, jammed the kids into the backseat, and left their southeastern Wisconsin homes behind, heading out of the city to private cottages and small fishing resorts to spend time on blue, spring-fed Wisconsin lakes. This tradition was enabled by... Continue Reading →

Outrage Conquers America

All over liberal social media, you see the same questions being asked.  Now that the Republicans are taking their healthcare away, will white working class voters turn against Trump?  Will they realize what a mistake they made voting for him? The Republican Party is set to revoke the healthcare of 24 million Americans by replacing... Continue Reading →

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